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Working Memory Training

Whether you are an entrepreneur or a college student juggling academics, our mission is to increase your everyday performance. We simply see ADHD as a strength and not as a deficit. We make success happen. We are Nashville Tennessee based and can reach you anywhere via phone, Skype or Facetime. In person sessions are available in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee.

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Welcome to ADD Action Coach

Our Coaching Style Follows Every Client Uniquely Down the Path of Discovery & Change:

ADD Action Coach Inc. provides ADHD, executive coaching and educational consulting for teens and adults, as well as parent coaching for younger children. Our specialty areas include ADHD, dyslexia, learning differences and Asperger's. With more than 18 years in sales, management and training experience, Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed., founder, is a certified teacher and trainer who works to empower each client through a strengths based model. We work with our clients to be their own advocates by utilizing dynamic strategies to enhance their own self-awareness and natural strengths. We simply see ADHD as a strength and not as a deficit. Our coaching style provides a path to self-discovery and change through tailored self-examination and introspection. We also offer complete educational consulting services in regards to special education eligibility, IEP development, 504 accommodations and school placement. We are ready to serve your needs from Pre-K through college and offer a host of resources to help navigate the educational process efficiently and successfully. We offer a full host of college placement services especially designed for students with ADHD and learning differences. We will take students through the college admissions process and fully support them with individualized guidance and coaching through their college graduation day.

I am now offering a personalized ADHD Coach Training Program. This is a 12 week practical course in all aspects of building a successful ADHD Coaching business. No more trying to fit into a group schedule! All trainings will be done at your convenience in 1:1 sessions.

I am Hallowell Center trained and have developed a successful business model. My passion is training and coaching! With an extensive corporate and marketing background, I have successfully worked in four major markets in the U.S. as well as internationally. This course will have a heavy emphasis on case studies based on past work with actual clients. I will also give step by step direction of how to build your business quickly and efficiently!

Individual training sessions are enrolling now to reserve your space!

For more information, please call Christine L. Robinson, M.Ed. 617-842-0634 or

Latest News

Coaching on Demand!

If you are interested in making New Year’s resolutions and achieving marked progress quickly, our “coaching on demand” program may interest you! If you have an erratic work schedule, are a college student or desire shorter appointment times with more frequent check-ins, this program may be the one for you! Please call or email for […]

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What Is In Your Time Bank Account?

Like many who grapple daily with ADHD symptoms, managing time and initiating tasks are often a struggle. Over the years, I find my clients to be very bright and extremely creative people who wish to accomplish their work and home tasks in a timely manner. They sincerely feel and believe they can do it. But […]

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College Coaching

The pace of life and expectations placed on today’s college student often exacerbate ADHD symptoms. College represents a transition to an autonomy that they may not be prepared for as soon as they move onto campus. Just as the adverse effects of “helicoptering” during early years has adverse effects on children, recent research shows similar […]

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What are the Differences Between Coaching and Therapy?

This is certainly a question I get asked quite frequently so I thought it would be important to highlight in my blog today. Listed below is a snapshot of the differences between therapy and ADHD coaching: • Both coaching and therapy deal with feelings and beliefs to some degree, but at very different levels. • […]

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